Check out some of the exhibits from Tui 2.

Ella's garden.

Ella’s garden.

Ollie's garden.

Ollie’s garden.

Ella's muffin.

Ella’s muffin.

Ella's cake.

Ella’s cake.

Paula's muffins.

Paula’s muffins.

Cooper's Cows.

Cooper’s Cows.

Ayla's Bee.

Ayla’s Bee.

Te Wai's Grasshopper.

Te Wai’s Grasshopper.

Haylee's Spider.

Haylee’s Spider.

Te Manawa's Spider.

Te Manawa’s Spider.

Kirsty's Caterpillar.

Kirsty’s Caterpillar.

Max's Spider.

Max’s Spider.

Hannah's Horse.

Hannah’s Horse.

Ollie's cake.

Ollie’s cake.

Ella's Windchime.

Ella’s Windchime.

Max's Deer.

Max’s Deer.

Domi's Elephant.

Domi’s Elephant.

Cooper's Cow.

Cooper’s Cow.

Te Manawa's, Cody's and James' deer.

Te Manawa’s, Cody’s and James’ deer.