On Friday it was cross country. We had to walk to the soccer ground. First we had to sit in our house colour. I was was in blue. Mr Russek said, “Time for games. Blue, Green, go to Miss McGlasson, and play capture the flag.”

“Yay,” I yelled in my head. Then we walked over. Blue vs Green. We did four rounds. The socre was 2-2. I was tired like a lion that has just caught his prey.

Then when we were called over to run, we had to get house points for having a go. There were only two boys in Blue and there were heaps of girls in Blue. We walked over to the starting point, the girls first. I was confident to run.

Mr Stringer smashed that clapper. We all started to run, round the first corner, then round the second corner. Then we jogged into the bush. It was outside the bus. The mud splattered up my leg. I came out of the bush.

I got tot he final straight and I passed  Zack. yeah, I came 8th. That was tiring. Back at school we played minecraft. I relaxed after a long day.