Ahhh cross country. I said ‘yay’ when we were playing soccer. We were thrashed 15 to 2 but that didn’t matter, all I wanted was a great game, and I did.

I hoped that it would be the same with the next. It was more than a little better – it was amazing and that game was hockey. We still had relays.I bet that would be fun and I was absolutely right.

I was coming second to last but then Emma passed me. I felt the pressure and got a bit of speed but then I I I … had trouble breathing. I said to myself, “Keep on trying.” I was last when I went to the line. I felt a bit more boosted. I started to jog. Everyone cheered for me. I got a giant hug from Ms Bishop and Kayla and Alyssa. While I was running my tummy felt like popping out,

The race was over. I had a big gulp of water.