It was cross country. I was really excited, but luckily the six and seven year olds had to play games. That was super fun. First we played soccer. I got one score. On the next round I got zero goals.

The next game we played was relays. First we played with balls. What we did with them was to run to the skipping ropes and we did it five times. Then we got to the hula hoops and we did that five times. Then we went to hockey. We had to get in numbers and I was number 1. When Scott called my number I quickly ran.

Then it was time to run. I felt nervous when Mr Stringer did the racing gun. BANG! went the racing gun. I was coming first but then Linita pushed past. Oh, no, I had better get past.

We ran in the forest – squishy, sloshy going in the mud. When we came out of the forest I felt a boost in my body and I saw the finish line.

I came sixth and then I fell like a pancake. All the adults clapped and cheered and I felt proud of myself.