Friday 4th September

On a Friday morning we were at Memorial Park doing our annual cross-country.While the 11’s and 10’s were running the nines (us) were playing relays.


At first we used the shiny batten.We cheered everyone on – “run run run!” It was really tense but we came second. We all sat down – “, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, finished,” we all said.


We all got back into line for a new one. Mr.Russek pulled out a jumping sack. We all thought that we were doing sack racing but no. We are doing an obstacle course. Everyone was trying their best, but you know there’s always a winner – second again.

Then Mr Russek called out that we  . We started walking up, then Ryan popped up and said “Hello.” I said, “Oh, no.” I had forgotten about him and then I got really nervous.


When the girls lined up the clapper went BANG!!!!!! they ran for their lives. Lydia fell over and started coming first. When they finished, we lined up ready to go. Take your marks, CLAP!!!!!! 

We ran and ran. I started passing people – “Left, right, left, right,” I tell myself. We come to the mossy old fence and jump over it.We run through the muddy grass, run in the ditch and out. Graham tells us to keep going. We run into the narrow trees and I jump as if I’m free falling and I run for my life to the finish line. I flopped like a large blob of butter and melted. I got up and put in my place, and ran to get some food and a drink.