When it was cross country I was thinking abut coming first and when it was our  turn, Tahlia and I were nervous because we were shy. When Miss Phillips said “GO”, Tahlia was coming first at the start then Lily was coming first and I was coming first.

I smiled at my dad and my brother said,”Go, go.” Then I heard someone calling me – it was my dad. I was sprinting as hard as I could.

When we went through the forest it was muddy and the forest was a long way. When we got out fo the forest Miss P was saying “Go, Lintia, go.” When we got to the grassy bit my feet were feeling good. I got to the finish line. I had to go over to Ashley and Jordan and they gave me a card. I had to give it to Mrs Fitness and I got a lolly, and it was yummy.

Then I went to my dad and said, “Can I buy a drink?” and he said “yes” and I got chips.