At cross country we played games. One was soccer. When we finished all the games we were up next. Linita ran ‘ “Go, Linita.” She came first.

Yay, it was our turn. “Come on, come on,” I said to myself. I was coming first. But I came third. We had lollies.

Then we watched the people play soccer.

It was awesome there. I was thinking I could have beaten Denham and Ryan  but I didn’t come first.

Oooh I don’t want to go back to school, but Ms Bishop said no, we couldn’t stay here. But, but … And then Xavier said, “Be quiet.” Then Ms Bishop said, “Are you cold?” I was in the cold rain. She gave me a jumper – it was a bright yellow and orange jumper. I was warm, but I got too tired, so I got left behind. I was left behind with Miss P, under her umbrella. I wasn’t getting really cold.

We were finally back. I had to wash my feet.