Ready, set clap! I was really nervous. I felt my heart was beating. 

On the first corner I peeked around to see if anyone was really close.

“Oh no, Hayden’s right here.” “Hello.” said Hayden. She nudged me. But I couldn’t speak, I ran out of breath. Suddenly I saw her swoop past me. I was back three meters. We were going through ooey gooey mud. I smelt someone close; it was little Leah. Hayden was still in the lead.  

We were at the front of the forest. There was a big muddy puddle. Hayden was deciding which way to go, through or around. I passed her. I heard a lady say, “Watch out for the tree root.”

“Come on Charli” I noticed that  it was the whole audience was cheering for me. I was coming to the finish line. I felt exhausted, I felt like a rocket. I had no breath. I started coughing. Mrs McGlasson said. “Are you alright?”

“Yes.”I said. She passed me a lolly. I jogged over to my Mum, Sister, Aunty and Dad. I was so proud of myself. My Mum said.”Do you want a sausage?”

“Yes please, Mum. Oh no, here comes the rain.”