My cheeks turned red as I lined up with the other girls. My stomach was growing rocks as I stood there.

BANG! We were off. All the girls ran sprinting to get in front. Although I was lagging behind, I was saving my energy for later. Wind whipped through my hair as I skidded round the corner. We all ran past the toilets and down a stretch as if we were race horses. Over the road we ran, still lagging behind I ran over stones thinking, “ouch, ouch, ouch!” Into a little bit of mud I ran, “I’m not avoiding the mud just because I don’t want to get my feet dirty!”

I was STILL lagging behind but I knew it wasn’t time yet. I jumped over a white fence passing people. Slushing through mud again, I saw past the trees, I knew where to go! I knew now it was time, as I saw the finish line I sprinted for as long as I could until I got there! I was breathing loudly as I saw the others cross the finish line. I rested my hands on my knees and thought. “What a day!”