We had Whaea Leela come from Sport Northland and teach us this awesome game called Ki-O-Rahi.The game is about strategy and teamwork.[a game that also celebrates Matariki[7 pou 7 stars]and having fun with whanau.

There are two teams, Kioma [their job is to run and touch the Pou and score tries also to guard the Tupu. Kioma can go into Te Marama, Te Ao, Pawero zones.  Te Ara can be used for the kaitiaki/guardians to get in and out of Pawero to help attack or defend the tupu[can be used for subbing too].  Te Roto can only be used by Kioma when running through to convert Pou touches into points.  [have the ki-ball].  These rules apply the same to the other team Taniwhas when you swap over.  Taniwhas role is to hit the tupu and they are all allowed in Te Ao and Te Roto[kaitiaki].

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