Wednesday 29th saw the arrival of the minstrel, and his wife, with the Hiwi the Kiwi programme. This entertaining show, full of songs and raps and rhymes, delivered two main messages – for the children and their families.

Keeping safe around water and sustainable fishing for the future are the messages we took away with us.


Kai Moana food from the sea

Kai Moana to feed the family

Fish for the future and there will always be

Kai Moana for you and me


Part of the Hiwi the Kiwi in-schools programme also involves giving students an opportunity to write about fishing each month. The Minstrel will select a piece of writing for publication in the magazine’s Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing page.

Two pieces of writing from each class will be selected and then an overall winner will be chosen. This student will receive a new fishing rod!