When I woke up my dad was gone. I went to my mum’s room and I asked where my dad had gone. Then I just remembered that he went on a course.


He drove to Whangarei and flew to Auckland, then flew to Palmerston North. Then dad caught a taxi, and it drove him to a place called Toyota New Zealand.


There were twelve people doing the course. My dad only knew one person but he made friends. They went to their desks and read their books. Then they were off to their cars – they were called hybrids.


The tutor called Daniel called out the first instruction. The people were running to the tool box. They were twisting and turning.


It was getting dark so the taxis took the people back to their hotels. After that they had to walk to the showers. My dad was freezing. He jumped into the shower. He said, “This is so nice.” Then they snuggled down in their beds and went to sleep.


The morning came fast. They were up bright and early. That morning, they caught the taxi to Toyota New Zealand. They were still working on the hybrids. Daniel called out the instructions. There are orange cables – they are high voltage. They are worse than poking your fingers in the power sockets and they will kill you.


Then they started to pack up. The taxi picked the people up and drove them to their hotels.


They woke up. It was time to go home.

I was so excited. I stayed up late. Then I heard a sound – it was the car.


I was so pleased. I gave him a big hug.


By Charli