Joy tried to wake Riley up. Sadness tried to scare Riley up. They got thrown into a shed. They found the elephant on top of a giant clown. The elephant is in the balloons. The clown broke into mission control and Riley woke up. The train of thought started moving.
At my house we watched Inside Out. Daira wanted to watch it again but mum turned it off.


By Xavier


It was the holidays and we were helping our friends move their furniture. We went to hirequip to get the furniture trailer. We did not get the horse float because in the front there was a waste of space because there was a bar and there was a big box at the front.


After that we went to our friend’s house. We backed up the long, 100 metre driveway to a muddy yard outside. We opened the furniture trailer so we could unload the T.V, dishwasher and fridge freezer. First we unloaded the T.V, then we unloaded the fridge freezer, then the dishwasher.


It was going to be a long ride to Kerikeri. I was in the boot on the way to Kerikeri. We went past heaps and heaps of countryside, there was a farm full of horses, the mountains were full of horses to.


Finally we arrived at Grandma’s new house. We unloaded the T.V and the dishwasher, and man that furniture trailer was loud! Suddenly I smelt smoke, I ran round the corner and saw a small fire. I grabbed a dry stick and stuck it in the small fire! It caught as my friends came round the corner.


After that I had some chips, then we went to Grandmas old house. When we got to Grandma’s old house I thought “this is a cool house”. We unloaded the fridge freezer.


Then we went to McDonalds. I had a Big Mac with an orange flavoured fanta with chips.


Then it was home time!


by Ashley v

One day I was waiting for Sam to come so we could go to Chipmunks. I was so excited to go.  When he got here I jumped in to the back of the car with him. When we got there me, Sam, Zoe, Luke, we ran to the ball shooters.  And got a bag and filled it up with balls so I could shoot them at people. We were there for ages shooting balls. Zoe was the ball collector so we didn’t run out. BANG! I shot someone right in the face. Pew pew pew, I shot some more bang bang bang. Sam and I came up with an idea. We got heaps of balls and machine gunned it. We shot a lot of people doing that. Then we went to the alien side and we hit more people. They were more powerful. We had heaps more hits.


After that we went to the big slide. It was massive. It was a big climb. I jumped down like a high diver bounce, bounce, jump.

I went down like a penguin. We we we we, that was fun. Then I watched Sam come down – he did roly polies.

Then we had a race up. “I won,” said Sam “I will beat you next time”.

I went down on my back. Sam went down on his stomach. On your marks get set go!

“I won, you lose, now race up go!!”

Yay, I won twice now. “I won, you lose, hee hee hee,” I laughed.

“Next one I go down on my stomach and you go down on your back; 3 2  1 go boom.” It was a tie.

Now the first one to get to the top wins.

“Ok yes go go go, up up,up,” I yelled. Almost there I pushed Sam down, I won yay yay YAY  I won.

Next we played on the playground. We looked all  around it then we decided that we should play twiggy.

“Luke, you’re in” I yelled. Should Zoe tell us where he is.?

“Ok,” said Sam, “Go.”

“Where should we go?”

“Um, um, oh let’s go there. Luke should never find us here. Look out for him, Sam.”

“Ok, say sewage if he’s coming,” Sam said.

“SEWAGE,” Sam yelled, “Let’s go!! Let’s go up this tunnel, but he might be waiting to come down here. Then let’s go through these things, I think they’re punching bags. Let’s hid behind them.”

We saw him come though – “He didn’t see us,” I whispered but he looked back. RUN!! He came chasing after us.

Where do we go? Through there, I think. He left us alone – yay, we won.

We went home after a long day of fun.


By Ryan Wo



Yay, I went to the movies. I watched Ant Man. As soon as I got there I smelled popcorn.

When I went in there I heard a lot noises like bang boom – like shotguns shooting.

Then I took a big drink of my frozen Coke. I got big brain freeze.

The Ant man was like an ant, his Army was ants. He is stronger than an adult.


“It was funny,” I thought.




My mum drove to Whangarei. I went to the wave pools. First I went in the very big pool.

Then my cousin said, “Israell, Israell, come up here.”

Then I struggled out of the pool. I ran up the steps.


First I went in the dark slide. I didn’t know where I was going. I finally reached the bottom of the slide. I hopped out of the slide.

It was amazing. I only got about five or six turns on the high as slide.


Then we got changed, and my mum was so slow I had to wait for one minute.


Next we went to have some slushy. For lunch then we went to go drop my cousin off. My mum said, “Izzy, do you want to stay here for the night?”


Mum went back to Dargaville.


By Israell


The Ponies New Home.

“Good boy Timmy, that’s it, that’s it.” I said as I backed Timmy out. Jumping and jolting, we got him out of the float. ‘Nobody needs to help me out’, I bet Scooby thought. All of a sudden Scooby backed out too! Luckily Christina caught him.


Shaking my head, I confronted Timmy to go down the driveway. He pulled me forwards. “Whoa boy, its ok. I said. As he calmed down again, Scooby and Ruben zoomed past, and with that Timmy ran after them.


“Could you control your pony”? I said shouting. ”Sorry.” He shouted back.


CRASH! We heard a tree bang against the car behind us. That didn’t sound too good. I thought to myself. “Keep going you two” yelled Christina. “Ok”, we both shouted back.


With that being said, we started trotting the ponies forward. Timmy kept trying to canter and at last he did. We saw the house through the trees. We led the ponies to the grass filled paddock.


As soon as we let them go, the ponies ran free. ”I wish I could do that too”. I said laughing. I climbed up the gate and sat down on the top. “Whoa”! I fell into the paddock. As I got up I realized that the grass was so high I had to jump. “Those ponies will be even fatter than they are in a while.” …

We both burst out laughing.


By Alyssa


One day the trailer came down the road. I saw it. I said to mum, “The trailer is here.”

I put the wood in the shed.

When we were finished I was going to have lunch.

I played on my tablet, and I was happy, too happy.




Adventure of the Sky Tower

On Saturday we walked down from our hotel to the sky tower. Ella, Hunter, mum and dad and I were looking around the sky tower. We decided to go to there because we like to do new things.


There was a giant waterfall. It was inside; it nearly splattered me. It was going as fast as a windmill, as fast as an out of control windmill.


We went in the elevator. It had a glass bottom. I felt so frightened, I would have screamed. But I didn’t. When we got up to the next floor, I was so scared.


We looked out the window. My body was full of pins and needles – I couldn’t move. I ran. “Yay, it’s gone”, but then I was sore. I had a toothache because I had a really wiggly tooth.


There were goggles. I was wowed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. You could see the harbor bridge. You could see the people in their boats and there were ferries too. It was awesome. I wish we had stayed there.


It was awesome, but I was exhausted and I didn’t want to go home.


By Taylor


I went to the movies in the holidays. The movie was called Inside Out, and I liked it.


We drove to Whangarei and we stayed at dad’s for a sleepover. We went to the movies with dad. It was funny and cool. The movie was awesome.


I was thinking that it was going to be cool. I felt happy.


By Kayden