My heart pounding I raced out the door to get in the car. I entered to find myself in my little brother’s seat. As we drove me and Scott

talked about who was going to be our favourite characters. When we parked I saw my cousin Daniel and walked over to him. We

had a good long chat with some family and went inside. My mum got the tickets and said she would meet us in the back row. When the movie started all the lights went off and the movie theatre went silent. There was this crazy volcano ad and there was the movie.

The movie was about this girl called Riley and she moved.  She had these emotions in her head to guide her through it and it was cool,

but sad.

After the movie we sat in the car tired and lying in our seats. When we got home we said our favourite parts. Mine was

when Anger, a voice in Rileys head,  said ”Thank you San Francisco, you just ruined pizza”.