Exploring similes

Find a head as smooth as steel,

A body as green as the grass,

Wings as big as giants.

Give your dragon spikes as sharp as blades,

Scales as bright as the sun,

Eyes like new, firm glass.

Decorate with claws as sharp as swords,

Teeth like upside down pyramids,

Tail like a spiral staircase.

Open up mouth and stir in ice

as cold as the rain.

Put  in very hot oven …

Bake for 10 minutes,

And you have made a DRAGON!!!!!

By Alyssa

Its tail is spiky like a porcupine.

It is as big as a dinosaur.

Wings as big as a giant.

 It cannot be struck by lightning.

By Ryan Wi

Take a horn as sharp as a point of wire,

A nose as blunt as a toenail,

Wings as shimmering as the sun.

Decorate with feet as round as bowls.

By Taylor

Take horns as spirally as stairs,

Put a neck as scaly as a fish,

Add a tail as pointy as icicles.

By Scott

Take a head as cold as snow,

And a body as green as slime.

Add a tail winding like curly hair,

And wings as blue as the sky.

Decorate with eyes glittery as diamonds,

And teeth as sharp as a knife.

Stir in fire like the sun.

You have made a dragon.

By Emma