Take a spiky head as jagged as an electric knife,

A body as fiery as the sun,

Add scales overlapping like a house roof.

By Phaybian

Take claws as sharp as iron,

Take a body as stable as a fence,

Take scales as melted as cheese.

Decorate it with wings as pointed as teeth.

By Charli


Take a head as big as a car,

Put on a body like a standing soldier,

Wings as purple as a purple crayon.

Take legs as long as a truck,

Claws like a sword,

And a tail with sails as big as a sail-boats sail.

By Ashley van


There was a shiny and glittering dragon. That dragon saw a cave.

Then he saw fire come out of the cave.

One sunny morning the sparkly and glittery dragon went to see where the fire was coming from. He saw some other dragons.

By Tahia


Sparkly, glittery, shining light came out of a cave.

But one day it wasn’t there.

The people were scared.

By Ashley Mc