Take a body as fat as a porcupine,

A tail as twirly as a tornado,

And spikes as sharp as a knife.

Add claws that shine like diamonds,

Wings as bright as a rainbow,

And scales as slimy as a squid.

By Sam


Take a head as hot as the sun.

And claws as sharp as a combat knife.

Add scales as shiny as a new care,

And teeth as gold as polished iron.

Add wings as heavy as a cat.

And a body as heavy as a metal house.

By Jayden


Tail as sharp as spikes,

Wings as wide as an eagle,

Scales as dark as coal.

Horns as blue as the ocean,

Breath as red as lava,

Legs as tall as a raccoon.

By Cooper


Its tail is as sharp as a spike from a porcupine,

A wing as black as a shadow.

Its teeth are as sharp as wire.

By Tracy




Take a head as fierce as a lion,

And a body as twisty as licorice.

Add two sparkly eyes as bright as the sun,

And two horns as sharp as a knife.

Decorate with icing.

Stir until thick.

Bake for 5 thousands years.

Then enjoy.

By Kayla


Take a head as furious as a lion,

Add a tail as wobbly as spaghetti,

Teeth as sharp as razor blades.

Eyes as watery as a swimming pool.

Decorate with wings as big as a car.

By Ryan Wo








A tail as spiky as a porcupine,

Wings as long as an alligator can get,

A dragon as fast as light.

By Xavier