Our school is taking part in the Hell’s Pizza Challenge.


Children are given a task to read 7 books at their own reading level. Once they finish each book, they fill out a form in their booklet and get it signed off.

Once the 7 books are read and the booklet is complete, Miss K will issue them with an official stamped pizza wheel which they can take into any ‘Hell’s Pizza” store to receive their free ‘333’ Healthy kids pizza.

Middle and Senior school students are to read 3 ‘Sophisticated’ picture books and 4 ‘Challenging’ Chapter books.

The Junior Syndicate will be using their school journals/readers once a week during school to complete this Challenge.

The children have until the 28th September to have this Challenge completed. The pizza wheel wheel token is valid until December 2015.


Miss K is also running an extra competition – children may enter this if they wish to. This is a photo competition. When you pick up your pizza, please capture a photo of you collecting, ordering, eating … your pizza.

I will display these  during school book week which will be at the end of term 3 this year.