This week in Tui 2 we…

  • have been working on batik paper art.  We are getting ready to do it on material.
  • about 9 members of our class attended the rippa rugby tournament at Rugby Park.  Team 1, won all their games.  They had a great day.
  • did a balloon experiment, with vinegar, baking soda and balloons.  When the baking soda mixed with the vinegar, the balloon expanded, because when the ingredients mixed they produced carbon dioxide.
  • used the website ‘Go Noodle’ and exercised to a Zumba video.
  • watched a video from ‘the literacy shed’, about a giraffe.  Then we had choices of what we would like to write about.
  • did origami with Mrs Timm.  We made a  sonobe cube and put it inside a gyroscope.  We also made an envelope and heart cards.
  • trialled for the netball team to play against Ruawai later in the term.
  • read about a class that made elephant toothpaste.  We made some too.
  • read more of the story ‘The Wolf in the Wardrobe.  Lupa is going to have pups.  Cackles the evil clown broke into their house.  Finn found the collar, and it’s worth $250,000.
  • performed a play called ‘Fire, Fire’.  The performers read really well.