We have some great artists in Tui 1!  

We looked carefully at their art and created our stories.

“Yey! We’re going to the moon,” I said. But I want to go in a rocket ship.

I giggled and jumped. “Hey, look,” I said. “There’s my friend, Gaby. Mum, look! One hundred stars! I can see the moon and there’s the sun.”

My friend is on Mars. The rocket was noisy. There’s the yellow sun.

“Yey, we’re going back to earth!”



One day I went in a rocket. 3, 2, 1, blast off! In 5 minutes I was in space. The sun was blazing hot. I couldn’t get closer or I would go BOOM! Then I saw the moon. I got in my suit and landed on the moon. I took my pole out. I was the first one to put a pole on the moon. I saw the planet Mars – a big planet. I watched it. There was a whirlpool. I blasted away back to earth. 





One day I flew to space and I looked around. I saw the sun. It was very bright. Then the sunlight got in my face so badly that it felt like I was blind. It felt like salt in my eyes.

Then we moved on. I went into my space room. I changed into my space suit and out for a little play and then came back in.



So I went to the rocket. I flew up to our space and there was a bright sun, our planet, a moon and the planet Mars.

Then I landed on the moon, and started to jump on the moon and did a lot of back flips and a lot of front flips. It was scary when I jumped on the corner of the moon because it was so dark it looked like aliens were coming.

But it was another rocket coming on to the moon and they were experts because they could do anything on the moon.