Well, it all started a long time ago.

My parents and I and my sister Mishal; oh, and one extra.  We were  all on a boat. There was a big storm, then my sister and I flew off the ship. But luckily my new friends, the dolphins, took us to an island.

Cyndi the Dolphin Rider

Well, we grew up and met a monkey and two wolves, who were called Silas and Seth. The monkey was called Alanda and the peacock was called Pretty.

And one more thing – after that another ship came with two princesses on it. And a king and a queen as well.





What else happened? They took us and went to the castle. It was beautiful. But when we got inside, people said that we were warned because we were talking to animals. Then the king said we couldn’t stay.

But then came the princes – they said that we may stay. They thought we were beautiful. They showed us our rooms. They were beautiful. We thought that the princes were helpful and kind and caring. We thought that they loved us.

Is that all? No, let me finish…

For the first time we had a real dinner. But things went wrong! We ate and talked with our mouths open. We had pudding and we ate sloppy. Then we got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Disney Princess Toddler Bed

Then it was morning and today was the ball. But we didn’t know how to dance. but we still had beautiful clothes on. The we saw the princes standing on their own. They saw us looking around, so they came up and said, “You look pretty, would you like to dance with us?” We danced and danced.

Then everyone went home and we went to bed.

The day was here – today we married and we lived back at the island with the animals and our princes.

And one more thing. They lived happily ever after.

By Nicole