Thud, Thud, Thud as I ran outside. I leaped onto the tramp. A faint growl came from behind me. “Oh Jack”. I laughed


 As I started bouncing the cat got ready to pounce. ” One paw ready, two paws ready, three paws ready, Who cares about my other paw lets pounce. My feet in the air, My hands on the tramp, Zip jack rammed into my arm. Bang,Crash,Growl, Jack jumped off the tramp.

Feeling dizzy I try a handstand again. In my head I think up down, Up down. My legs stick together like glue. I swing them up. “I’ve done it.” I said  proudly.

As I swing my legs up again my arm bends. My  feet feel the wind whip them as the swish down. Tick! A spring flew over the fence. “Great another one.” 

Not bothering to pick up the spring, I do a handstand again. My hand feels a sharp claw dig into it. “Youch” I said standing up.

“Silly cat”. I muttered. Bang! I jumped off the tramp. “Ummm… Mum. Can I have a plaster.” I yelled.

“Hey, I just wanted to play.” Jack said to himself.