The sun glistened off the front of the saddle.  I was riding Miss Brody.  She started to go back.  Smack went the crop.  She zoomed forward.  Then I hopped over a cross jump.  I was proud of her.

I gave Miss Brody her food and I took her saddle and bridle off.  I carefully placed her cover on and put her tack away in the tack shed.

Then I took her halter off and shut the gate and put her away.



I shake the packet of cat biscuits teasing Bella as usual.  She stretches her long body across the flax like her own lazy self.

I pick up the black cat bowl and tip some biscuits in.  Bella nudges me accidentally on purpose and I spill the biscuits.


Of course she eats the biscuits off the floor for me.



I was standing in my backyard.  The frosty grass made my feet go numb.  I had an extra boost of energy because I had a really good sleep last night, so my slug gun wasn’t too heavy.

Chills flooded through my body like I had just scared a rabbit.  I was moving closer and closer to an old kauri stump in the corner of our garden.  I got in position for a shot.  

Then some flickering came from a dark hole.  A fluffy brown ball dashed out from the hole.  I took aim and squeezed the trigger.  It was a rabbit.  Bang!  It dropped like a stone.



I was walking to my room with my blanket, lazily of course.  As I walked through the door I saw a daddy long legs.  But as I looked closer to the bed I realised that it was not a daddy long legs. 

My arachnophobia triggered.  My heart beat twice as fast.  I hastily walked to the bed to notice its white tail.  I nearly shrieked.  I got a tea towel and tried to lift it off.


It jumped on me.  I whacked the spider off with the tea towel. Too late. It had bitten me. 


I went back to bed and lay the blanket across the bed.  As I reached for the pillows I realised they were not there.  I sighed and opened the cupboard to get the pillows and chucked them on the bed.