Stones rolled down the cliff as Spike trotted down the pathway. Swoop, swoop. Spike swung his head up. A mother dragon and her babies flew round the cliff top above him.

“How I wish I could fly,’ he murmured.  As the clouds scampered past, he ran towards the well. But someone stopped him in his path. “Ummm…  Excuse me”. A green tail flicked his face, leaving a red mark on Spike’s face. 

His long green tail wrapped around him. Tears ran down his cheeks, but down his back too. Then he thought. “Do I have a second mouth or something? Is that why the other dragons don’t like me?” But that wasn’t why…

 BANG! A storm. Spike stumbled to his cave. “I’ll never have a good day.” His eyes slammed shut.

Waking up, his whole cave was as dark as his eyes. He rammed his back into the place where he thought was the entrance. “Great job, guys, he will never get out”.

“So they leave me in here for the rest of my life… wait, not the rest of my life. I remember having some fighterflies if I needed them.”  He ran this way and that way and… “yes”. He found them. He barged through the rocks and… “Where is everyone?” he said to himself. His eyes wide he dropped the fighterflies and slid down the path and to the well.

A dragon was crying. “My baby”. And two other baby dragons were looking into the well.

“Step aside. I’ll handle this”. A big red  dragon flew up, up, up… and down… trying to fit into the well. But no, his wings didn’t let him fit. PLONK. He fell onto the ground beside the well. Spike looked that way and then that way.

While all of them were crowding around the other dragon, Spike cannonballed in. His long, black claws grabbed the baby dragon. As they bobbed to the surface the baby dragon gasped for air. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” the mother dragon said. The baby leaped into her arms.

Black smoke surrounded Spike. When that cleared Spike was flying. “WOOOHOO” I can fly”.

And that is my story.

By Alyssa