“Yay” I said. “It’s Thursday,” as I clicked the the car door shut.I was sleeping the whole way.

After a few hours I arrived at the Bay of Islands. The water was as sparkly as my mums eyes.Then after all those beautiful sights I fell asleep again and finally we got to Kerikeri.

There’s the bee hive. As we parked we ran out of the car into the bee shop.There were bee wax candles and honey and there were little bee plushies as well.

Scott and I did not want to go in so my mum said we  could have something after we had been in. We walked slowly in  and the lady told us the bees like to work in the dark.We saw the queen bee – she had a blue spot so you could see it better.When we went out I got a candle and Scott got some bee buttons and it was great.

Kayla G

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