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In weeks 1 & 2 Room 5 decided on our class Tikanga. We sorted our ideas into hoops and had a look at what they had in common. The headings were school, church, camp, marae, sports and home.

In week 3 Room 5 started learning our class pepeha. This is something that we will carry on throughout the year.

In week 4 some of the reading groups started using T.A.R.P. This is an educational tape assisted reading programme that reads books to you.

In week 5 some children learnt how to use the listening post and Steps. These programmes are another form of educational support to our reading. We also did some team building skills with Petrina the sport Northland lady.

Our class also participated in swimming sports and they all did very well.

Our class also really enjoyed Senior Camp.


By Jordan Chitty