Pounce! Mittens flew onto my bed; rolling over, I opened my eyes. The only thing I could see, apart from the darkness, were two bright green eyes staring at me.

He gently nudged me for a stroke. I reached out and ran my hand over his silky back. ‘Meow.’ He purred as he lay on my hand,

Still asleep, I threw my blanket off my delightfully warm body and wandered over to my drawers. Plonk! Mittens sat at the doorway with his big green eyes as wide as the moon,

My hands behind my back, tying my hair, I strolled down the hallway over the creaky boards. Skitter scatter as Mittens trotted over the floorboards. Switch. The light lit up the room.

‘Meow,’ he said again. I swung open the cupboard door. Shake, shake. Mittens scampered over towards me. The cat biscuits rushed down and flew into the bowl. Crunch, crack, as Mittens shoved the biscuits into his mouth.

I stumbled over to the couch. ‘Yawn.’ My body dropped onto the couch. As I closed my eyes, I was asleep once again.


Alyssa Ledingham