On camp we had played heaps of games and we had the hot air balloon.

We played rob the nest and a game of dragon’s tail.

We got a chair and a hoop and a towel and put them in a line so you could get over to the hoops but we did it individually.

We had a chill out.

Ryan Wi


In the morning I was really excited because it was camp!

First we had to set up my bed for the night. We all lined up by our classroom number.

Then we started the games, but first we had a relax in room eight. That was my favourite class.

After all the games we had afternoon tea. We had biscuits and some fruit.

Next we had a play on the playground.

Next we had a play on the playground.

It was finally dinner time – we had sausages and chips.

Last we had to get ready for bed.

Then we got a book. Good night!


  In the morning I was excited because it was camp!

In the hall, when we went to bed, it was fun sleeping because I was nice and snuggly.

We had pancakes and weetbix for breakfast and then we started the games, but first we had a rest in room fourteen.

It was my first time at camp and it was fun.

Ashley Mc


At camp I had biscuits and it was yummy;even the bread was yummy. I ate all my bread.

The games were exciting and I had lots of fun. I went with different classes.

I had sausages and chips and bun.

It was fun sleeping in the hall.



At camp, it was fun. I did games with different classes.

In the hall it was interesting because doing new things is fun.


At camp we played lots of games. Rob the nest was one of the good games.

Some people slept over but I didn’t.


 At camp we did heaps of fun things like playing really cool games.

After that we had to go back to our number where our teacher was.

Then it was night time.

Good night!