On the first day of camp we put our tents up and set up our beds.

Then we got into our activity groups.

One of the activities was orienteering with Mr. Russek, which means working with a compass.

It saves us from getting lost.

Another activity was trust games with Miss McGlasson and Mrs Vallance.

We made sandcastles and Ellie’s group won the compition.

We also were blindfolded to play Frisbee golf. This was quite a challenge!

Kayaking with Mrs .Friedrich was tiring.

We paddled around half the lake and then across the middle and back to where we started.

But it was wonderful.

We also went for a long hot hike over a very bumpy path around the lakes.

This was tricky for Ellie in her wheelchair.

White baiting with Soozie  was great. We learnt a lot about gamboozia and leeches.

Room 5 wants to say a big thank you to Mrs .Vallance, Miss McGlasson, Miss Phillips,

Mr Russek, Mrs Clarkin,Mrs Chitty, Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Lugitigheid, Mrs Weight, Mr Hill, Christina,

for making an awesome camp.

By Ellie and Brooke