Splash !!! I hit the water, it felt like I was locked in a freezer surrounded by ice.

I shivered as I tried to catch up to Kane and Jack, at least I was coming third.

We all hopped out of the pool then I realised it was not over .

I sprinted to the transition area where everyone chose a bike.

I clicked my helmet on and off I went.

I tried to focus on the track.

In my head I could hear was catch up yum catch up yum.

I pushed my bike to the transition and clicked my helmet to my bike and quickly zoomed around the track.

My legs were numb but I finally  finished my race.

By Kyran Suckling


I jumped into the freezing pool. As I ran, splashes of water went every where. Finally I reached the end. I jumped out quickly while Jerry told us to line up and wait for the others to hop out . We started to walk down the hill along the classroom. I was feeling cold like ice . I dashed off leaving every body behind me. I made it into transition area and chose my bike and pushed it out quickly. People started to gain on me and before I knew it I was coming second with Ruby just in front. I peddled even harder and was able to pass her. I finished my bike, parked it carefully and sprinted as hard as I could with my legs wobbling like jelly. My eyes were fixed on the finish line. I was not letting any one pass me . I felt like I was running forever but at last I stepped over the finish line feeling proud of my achievement and placing

By Maiana P