The clapper echoes and off goes Matiu zooming down the track. I’m next, I jumped into position and my team mates say ” GO “. I begin with a light jog then I felt the cold hard baton fall into my hand. I could hear people calling my name as I sprinted off, pushing myself trying to no let down my team. Around the bright orange cone I went, my heart was pumping with adrenalin. I raced back down the track. I placed the baton into Jaelem’s hand.

By Sophie Grbin


I thought to my self I can do this as I lined up for the 100m sprint. 10yr old boys were called and my butterflies kicked in. Mr Stringer lines us up into our order. I can only just hear his voice as my mind and eyes are hooked on the finish line. On your marks set clap! I zoomed off. Gradually picking up speed faster and faster. I took a quick glance next to me  and could see no one. I kept on pushing my legs to move faster like a springbok dashing through the hot African dessert. The finish line was close, I stretched myself over the finish line I had realised came first. Relief rushed through my body. I felt proud of myself for coming first because I was pushing myself so hard to become champion.

By Kane Howells


My heart was pumping. I couldn’t hear myself think! Mr Stringer calls take your marks get set GO! The clapper goes and all the girls are off. I sprinted until I couldn’t  feel anything in my body. My legs were starting to give way but I didn’t want to give up, I was coming fifth  but I had to slow down. So I did. I crossed the finish line coming in sixth I collapsed on the ground and in my head I knew everyone was proud.

By Charlotte Low