One day, Miss K was NOT in the Library.

We wondered where she was…


Miss K is missing out of the library.

Miss K looked in a dream land book. Then she ended up in the book. When she looked in the book she said, “What is happening to me? I am in dreamland. Help! Help! I’m in this book over here.”

How can I get out of this book?”

Next she got saved by Ms Bishop. When Ms Bishop heard Miss K in the book she ripped up her favourite book. Then Miss K hopped out and she said” I am free, Ms Bishop. Thank you, Ms Bishop, you are the best teacher.’

She was just ready for room 6 to come to the Library.

By Tahlia


Miss K is missing – where is she?

Miss K walked into a shop. She came across a good snow book. And on the front of the book there were snowflakes. “Good,” she said. As she shut the book hard, she fell into it.

With a flash she was in snowflake land. I’m at a snowflake work with my friends Gaby and Chantelle and Taylor. Miss K started working. At once she had made 90 snowflakes. Clang clank, she made 90 more. Soon Alyssa appeared and started making snowflakes too. She made 100 snowflakes and 20 more. As she had finished, Emma appeared and started making snowflakes and she made 700 and 700 more.

Alyssa threw her snowflakes into the human world and it started to rain snowflakes. Emma threw hers into the sun and the sun turned into ice cream. Instead of raining rain, it rained ice cream and snowflakes. The giant ice cream fell into the school. Emma and Alyssa were holding onto the ice cream.

Swoosh! We fell into the school… But we are only as small as fairies. Flash! We were fairies and we flew back to get the others. As we got there Miss K was tied up and so were our friends – for EVER.

By Emma


Back in time/ Candy Land

Creak! as Ms Kay walked up the stairs to the library. She opened a book that said, The Amazing World of Candy land/Back in Time. She had no idea what was going to happen. Ka-bam! She was in the book. A big giant candy floss T. rex took her to her nest.

Just then Kayla and Alyssa were ready to go to the library. We saw the big portal that Ms Kay went through. We jumped through. The candy floss dino was about to eat her… But then we swooped through on a candy floss vine and took her away from the dino.

We turned round a corner into a  magic cave. We nervously walked around the corners and found a pool that led to the sea.We dived into the pool. Kayla and Alyssa turned into mermaids. As we  swam away we gave Ms Kay a breathing power.

Bobbing up to the surface we swam to shore and dried ourselves off. Ms Kay saw a hut of wood so we slept in there for the night.

But we did not know that we teleported in the night to a different dimension called fairy/land with dinosaurs. Once we were in we changed into fairies. After that we set off for an adventure. As we flew we held Ms Kay’s hands and we went to Cloud Kingdom… But it was invaded by dinosaurs and they were breaking everything. So we drove out our candy swords and swoop, they were all gone. They were all thankful. Then they threw us a party for saving the kingdom. They were our servants all night. The queen gave us one wish each. Kayla wished for to have a mermaid tail forever. Alyssa wished for a pet Pegasus that could talk. Ms Kay wished for a new book that gave her another adventure.

We used our fairy wands to make a portal back to school. Hey presto – we were at school and told everyone but they didn’t believe us. So we turned into fairies and we were the most popular kids in school.

By Kayla and Alyssa



Chapter 1

Miss K is missing.

Miss K was walking by a rocket – THEN robbers kidnapped her and took Miss K to the MOON. Cooper, Ginger and George Washington saw the rocket take off to the moon. Cooper, Ginger and George Washington went to their private super fun spacecraft that can go to space and it had laser beam guns. Cooper, Ginger and George Washington hopped in the rocket, then Ginger fell asleep then we set off to the MOON.

Chapter 2

In space.

Ginger woke up in the space ship. He saw that George Washington and Cooper were gone. Ginger was scared, but then Cooper and George Washington came back in from outside the spacecraft. After that we went to the moon.

Chapter 3

Saving Miss K

After a while we got to the moon. George Washington floated down to the moon. THEN the alien robbers attacked George Washington. George Washington grabbed his fire sword and cut open the alien robbers and then Cooper, George and Ginger came from the spacecraft then went to the castle to fight the King. But first George Washington, Cooper and Ginger had to fight against the … King’s bodyguards. We were fighting for a long time  but then George Washington, Cooper and Ginger won the battle.

After that George Washington, Cooper and Ginger went to the throne room. The Alien king was surprised to see us. The Alien king said “I see you passed my bodyguards so let’s fight”

“Ok” said George Washington. After a while we won.

While I was checking the castle Cooper got the keys to Miss K’s jail. George Washington said “I found the jail”. Cooper said “I got the key for the jail”. George Washington, Cooper and Ginger went and freed Miss K.

By George and Cooper


Rise of the Apes

It was a boring day in the library so Miss K grabbed a book and started reading; a moment later a bunch of teenage mutant ninja apes came along and then she fainted.

They took her and kidnapped her to the African world. After a while she heard some brutal footsteps – they were so loud that she was frozen with fear. Then she saw a giant t-rex and it was hungry so she ran between the t-rex’s legs and ran up the giant’s tail and started scratching the  dinosaurs neck. Miss K and the T. rex became friends because Miss K started scratching his neck. The t. Rex knew where some shelter was so it took Miss K to the shelter that he knew of. After a while they came to a shabby funky looking house – it had 5000,000000 stories because the T. rex was 5000,000000 stories high.

The door creaked open as they crept in the tall creepy looking house. The mirrors were cracked and there were gun shells all over the ground.

A moment later 9999,999999 teenage mutant ninja apes came and kidnapped Miss K and put her in jail. She was in jail for 2 days with no water. Until the next day Green Lantern came in a portal and broke down the door and took her home where she belonged on planet earth. Meanwhile in dino world the apes heard the loud bang and they came to investigate the place – they saw the cell was broken.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    By Ashley and Te Manawa


Miss K is Missing

Miss K went into the dark rain forest.

Miss K got tied to the trees by the angry, big dinosaur.

I came along and saved Miss K.

By Jakob


Miss K Is Missing

James and Miss K were climbing up mountains shooting pigs.  James accidentally shot a rock. It came back and hit Miss K in the leg.  James put on a bandage. They slept and then that morning they drove home.

They drove to the doctors to get better. The doctor said “Stand behind a tree so you don’t  get hit.”

They slept in the bush. They shot 3 pigs. Then in the morning they went to  shoot some ducks. They got 5 ducks.

They started to climb down. Miss K’s mum picked  them up . They had a nice dinner. They went to the beach!


By Cody


Miss K is Missing.

Miss K lived in a jungle. It was nice and peaceful until apes came along.  She got taken to a trap.  She was screaming Help ! Help !

The super heroes heard. We came and bashed the apes. We put Miss K back in the forest. Then apes came and pushed her in a never ending hole.

The super heroes came again and pushed them in it instead.

And we never saw them again. Well, we didn’t see them again, but we saw badwad again. He tried to cook her in a volcano. Then wolverine came on a vine and bashed him into the volcano. Miss K burnt to her death in the volcano. So she got killed and  we couldn’t get Miss K. She did not survive. Only her head did .We had to get her head out of the volcano. We put her head back in to her bed.

The superheroes flew away. A sabre-tooth came in her house. It went to her bed room and ate her and only her eyes was left.

That’s the end of the spooky story – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa (in a spooky voice)

By Jayden and Israell


Miss K is missing…

She was going to a party and she dressed up as a fairy. She was the only one there and fairies took her to fairy land.  It was a magical place where fairies play games happily. They fly like the wind.

Next there was a boy called Hunter and he kissed her. 2 years ago, Hunter got taken to fairy land. Hunter is a tall, handsome boy and he has blonde hair.

Hunter had a plan to escape. They dressed up as fairies and they escaped. The portal took them to America and they met our pen pals. Next they went to Australia and they met Hunter’s auntie and uncle.

Finally they got home. Hunter was shocked and he rushed her to his room and said “I love you,” and after and that they got married…the day after they got  married they went to a hotel  for their honeymoon .  They lived Happily Ever After.

By Taylor and Gaby