slippery, tricky

killing, scratching, eating

Prey, enemy, cousin, habitat

rushing, running, disgusting

sly quick 


James and Cody

Wonderful  world

I see trees, flowers and birds.

I taste cookies, chocolate cake and chocolate milk.

I touch toys, cars, our family and my friends.

I hear birds chirping, wind  blowing and bees buzzing.

I smell  pizza cooking, cookies cooling and turkey cooking.


George and Cooper

Wonderful world     

I can see

shapes in the sky

I can feel the

wind blowing on my face

I can touch

The water flowing on my feet.

Te Manawa and Cody

Wonderful Christmas

I can taste

chicken, sweet lollies

turkey, hamburgers.

I can see

my presents,

a santa hat.

I can feel

a Christmas tree,

my new toys.



I can taste cookies and cream

and chocolate chip ice cream.

I can smell yummy dessert cooking in the oven.

I can hear crashing waves and lovely tweeting birds.

I can see the lovely night sky,

What a wonderful world I’m in.


I can see a nice glowing sun with some beautiful song birds

when sitting in the shining sun

in the morning.




Wonderful world

I can see people working.

I can taste chocolates,

I like strawberry ice cream.

I hear talking.

I can smell cakepops.

What a wonderful world.



I can see

Water and sand.

I can feel

Sand and shells

In my toes.

I can touch the waves

In the sea.

I can touch the hammock

that I like to lie in when I am tired.




Wonderful World

I can see sun and sky.

I can feel grass, heat and wind.

I smell trees and flowers.

What a wonderful world I’m in.