Raro 019 Raro 020
 Raro 021 Raro 022
    Raro 023Raro 025
 Raro 024 Raro 039
 Raro 027 Raro 026
 Raro 029 Raro 028
 Raro 031 Raro 030
 Raro 033 Raro 032
 Raro 035 Raro 034
 Raro 037 Raro 036
 Raro 041 Raro 038
 Raro 042 Raro 040

These are room 7’s flowers.  First we got a can each and cut the tops off.  We cut the can in strips.  Depending on the patten we wanted we could fold, roll or twist them.  Then we bent them so they stuck out. We could then spray paint our flowers if we chose to.  Then we decided to paint a skewers green for our stems.  Miss Phillips hot glued them on to the flowers and stapled them for presentation on the wall.