Wonderful Christmas

I can see,

Christmas cake,

Chocolate milk shakes,

I can taste,

Christmas cookies,

Sweet Lollies,

I can hear,

Chatting voices,

Doors bulging,

I can smell,

Pastry pies

In the oven,

I can touch,

My presents,

A hug from mum,

What a wonderful world

I’m in.



Wonderful life

I can see

The hot sun and fluffy cats

I can taste

Watermelon and strawberries

I can hear

Wind blowing past my face

I can smell my dinner being made

I can touch

water and my family

What a wonderful life I’m in.



We can feel

Hairy hairy skin

and thick hair.

We can see the grassroots and light blue sky.

We can  taste bread and eggs.

We can hear birds tweeting and the ocean waves.

We can smell air and perfume.

Kayla & Taylor


Wonderful Christmas

I can see

Presents and ribbons

Christmas tree and decorations.

I  taste

Chicken and  turkey

Ice cream and chocolate

I can hear

Bells and ho ho ho


I can touch

snow and snowflakes


What a wonderful Christmas

I’m in.



wonderful world


               I can see

      flowers, bees, trees.

              I can taste

     apples, oranges, cream buns,

              I hear the

wind blowing through my ear,

              I smell

the salty water running past me.

              I can touch        

the sand running through my hands

     What a wonderful world I’m in.