We are learning to write to a format.

Outside, lightning, thunder and rain bang against the house and the wind howls, roars and rips plants from the ground. – Sophie Grbin

Outside, fog, mist and rain slipped over the hills and wind whistled, grabbed and sprinted down the mountain edge. – Kane Howells.

Outside, fog, mist and rain flooded over the fences and hail tumbled, poured and ferociously roared across the farm. – Stacey Lawrence.

Inside, pants, shirts and toys are scattered around the room and rubbish, covers, seeps and hides under my bed. – Connor Gilligan.

Outside, rain, fog and clouds creep over the hill and people running, shouting and screaming off down the road. Ashton Hutchinson-Walters

Outside, fog, mist and ice cover over the fence and lambs call, play and hide across the grassy paddock plain. –  Charlotte Low

Outside, frost, lightning and rain flooded around the house and hail roared, splashed and hit down on the roof. – Kyran Suckling

Outside, frost, cold and fog moved quickly passed my house and wind whistled, pushed and tumbled all around me. – Jaelem Parker

Outside, water, sun and sand glistens on the beach and the sand swirls, moans and groans down the beach. – Faula Bester

Outside, ice, cold and mist covered over the bridge and the thunder rolled, crashed and roared through the town. – Ruby Carey

Outside, clouds, mist and frost move along the hills and the sun roars through beaming and burning down on our skin. – Kaitlin Fairbairn

Outside, clouds, mist and ice cover the paddock and the grass freezes, breaks and dies down in the field. – Trinity Bower

Outside, fog, mist and rain flood over the gutter edge and the lightning roars, howls and pushes people down the street. – Patience Pene

Outside, sun, sand and storms pushed over the peak and the wind tumbled, swirled and soared down the desert hills. Rosemary Tan.

Outside, thunder, rain and mud spread over the land and the wind slips, twirls and tumbles outside the window. – Matiu Pumipi.