We are learning to write a narrative.

What happened to Ms Bishop’s grandson?









  Poofy hair day

One day the little boy looked outside and saw a pig on the power line. He climbed up to save it. He threw the pig into his little swimming pool.  But when he got down he got shocked and his little hair went up ‘puff!’ He was like a puff ball.

He went inside to tell his mum.

“Mum, mum, look!” he said.  My hair is poofy. And his mum said, “Let’s go to the hair salon.”

His hair was good again.

Ryan W


This story took place in the dark, rusty woods with one house remaining on the island.

One day, Flynn hunted in the forest and heard … a screeching roar miles away from him. He raced over to see what it was – it was two female tigers fighting. Poof! His hair poufed up like a snowball.

But then he wondered what was going on in the background. Seven smurfs were going crazy, then suddenly … one smurf turned green and another turned purple!

Then … BANG! An earthquake hit the ground.

He zoomed back to his magical house.



Flynn in the Tent

One day Flynn went out on the farm and saw a tree with a gate around it. He touched it and got an electric shock.

He went back home and told his mother that he got hurt from an electric gate.

He said, “I don’t like it!”

She said, “That’s fine. You’re still here.”

“Now look! My hair’s messed up!!”




One terrible night there was something flashing in the distance. Finn got out of his cosy bed to see what it was.

When he got to the window he saw a terrible dinosaur and it made his hair stick up. So then he went outside and asked the dinosaur if he would stop doing that, and the dinosaur said “Yes.”

Finn went to bed and slept.



One stormy day, Finn heard a sound. He sat there for a second and cried. He said to himself, “I’m brave. I’m going to open the curtains.”

He saw a flash of lightning. He closed the curtains.

He was so frightened his hair stood on end.




He ran out of bed and zoomed out. The door was open. He crashed into the garden. His hair was like a zombie’s hair.

Ms Bishop was in the kitchen. She didn’t notice Finn. He is NOT allowed outside with no parent because they live by the forest. Step by step he crept into the forest.

The pig came scampering to Finn. He ran and ran until he got home. Ms Bishop saw him.

“Look at yourself. Bath time!”




The bedroom window was open. The lightning shot through the window. It hit his hair. He got shocked and he zoomed and shot through the window.

A bird hit his face. He fell into a tree. He kept hitting his face on the branches, fell in another tree, did the same thing again, then fell into a bush.

He rolled and touched an electric fence. Got shocked.

Ms Bishop came and put him back inside.

He had shocked hair!



 The curse

Do you know where Naboo is? Well, you will know soon in the story. A boy named Cliff and his friends live on Naboo – it’s a magical place with fairies and wizards. In the weekend Cliff and his friends named Damein and Joel went in an old wizard’s house but the wizard still lived in it. They searched for the wizard and then bam! the wizard cast a spell.

Their hair grew and grew.

He said in a croaky voice “The only way you can undo the curse is by saying “sorry”, but they didn’t so it grew and grew.

But there was a lady and her baby and their house was on fire. She dropped the baby and it fell into their hair so they thought they were super heroes and they liked their hair. They become superheroes and saved the world.



The Boy

There was this boy.

He was afraid of lots of animals and ghosts. One day he went in the woods to look for his friend. Then he saw the biggest bear in the world.

He said, “Dad, Dad, hurry!” But his dad didn’t hear so he rushed home. Then he looked in the mirror. He looked at his hair! It was all frizzy – he wet it so he didn’t get into trouble.

He went to sleep.

He was not doing that again.

Te Manawa


The horse day by Lucas

Boom, bang! He fell out of his bed with a smile.

Yeah! It’s horse day.

He goes to get his horse and he let it out and hopped on it.

Yeah! He travelled for 10 hours.

The problem was 100 bulls charged at him.

Boom, bang! He fell off his horse and his horse died.

So he had a bull. He rode the bull and he won the horse competition.

The bull was going crazy so his hair flew up.

The end.


Frizzy hair day Alyssa 20-8-2014

Last Monday night Finn fell asleep on the couch.

In his dream… well I’ll tell you what happened.

He was walking down the street and he saw a shadow in the darkness and when he went round the corner that shadow was a big big … BEAR.

He ran straight home, but where was his home? It wasn’t  there.  As he was about to turn around the bear was running for him. He zoomed down the street and saw his mum, but when he got to her she was a dinosaur. Just as he was about to scream Finn woke up and when he did his hair was all frizzy. He shook his head and stumbled to the kitchen.

When he opened the pantry his cat jumped out at him. He sat back down on the couch.

What a frizzy hair day.