Tarra- I felt proud of myself for coming 3rd in my 1st year.

Hayley L – I felt nervous because there were lots of people.

Ayla- I felt nervous and excited and I was happy that I came second.

Haylee M- I was nervous but when I got on stage I was excited and having fun.

Ruby- Body Jam is good because it ties in with our movement.

Stacey- Body Jam is a great experience because you can learn new moves.

Camille- It was the best experience I’ve ever had in dancing.

Hannah- I felt nervous but also excited because it was my 1st time on stage.

Renee- I felt really nervous but I thought I could do it.

Andi- I felt nervous because I have never performed in front of an audience.

Caydence- I think my group and my dance has improved since last year.

Shamaea- I was really scared but at least I conquered my fears.

Brooke- I felt good because I had done it.

Alyssa- Our whole group felt nervous and we all thought we would come second but we came first.

Te Wai – I felt amazing but scared at the same time.

Shae – I felt really nervous because I haven’t really been on stage much.

Faula – I felt nervous, excited and blushed a lot.

Sky- I felt nervous at first but then it was fun when I was on stage.

Ellie – I felt proud because I was the first one to come on stage out of everyone.

Dani L- I felt happy because I was doing an individual.

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