We are learning to extend our ideas.

The little girl hugged the liquorice black tree, and tears ran down her face when she heard a noise. It was a reindeer dingling the vines on the caramel coloured trees. She slowly put her vibrating hand out to pat the reindeer. The reindeer walked step by step. It went forward to touch the little girl’s shaking hand. As soon as it touched her hand, she knew it liked her. She walked around holding it extremely tightly. They walked around the bubbly lagoon to get to the other side.

She decided to live in the forest with the reindeer.



Once there was a deep, dark forest, and in the forest there was a lake. Not any old lake – it was an enchanted lake. It was old and mossy and icky and sticky. Nobody would swim in it anymore. It used to be a lovely lake with frogs and lily pads, but a witch came along and cursed a spell on it and accidentally put an enchanted potion in.

One little girl knew. She looked in the river and wished for a reindeer or anything else. Now she has one, and she can wish for a house next to it and live there. The girl had a happy life – so did the reindeer.



The evening

A beautiful deer strode across a lily pad pond. A lovely maid is watching the drips from a caramel coloured tree with vines covered with a dark shade of green.  With fields lit with light of fire flies, they guide the way to the other side of the orange pond to match the sky. 

George and Joel






One bright day a gleaming reindeer and a beautiful girl wandered through a forest. As they walked, autumn leaves fell from a big oak tree and drifted into the clear waters of a pond. The vines swing from the oak tree like cheeky monkeys tails. The reindeer stopped for a drink from the pond and the girl fell asleep by the tree.

The lily pads looked like hearts floating across the pond. The reflection of the oak tree dazzled in the sun light. The girl dreamed of golden apples hanging from the tree.

By Alyssa and Emma.