It was Waitangi Day, I was up in the tree. We call it the climbing tree. I was up in the tree eating corn chips. Two hours later I was still up in our climbing tree. The reason I was up in the tree for 2 hours was because my sister was being annoying and trying to hit me with a stick. She was searching for me for 2 hours. Eventually she sat down, gave up and watched TV. She watched Nickelodeon. Once she was gone, I hopped out.

By Ella


I was in my cousin’s bathroom sweeping up a storm. I was cleaning my cousin’s bathroom because she wanted to impress her parents and she needed my help. So we kept on cleaning. We cleaned the toilet, shower and the sink. We also cleaned the cupboard. Oh yeah, we cleaned every single thing. When we were done her parents were impressed.

By Madison


On Saturday after Netball I went to the airfield to see some planes take off and see them land. I got to go up in one. We went to Baylys Beach and in the clouds. I got to drive it. We went over the Lakes. I got to drive on the clouds. We went through the clouds. I got to drive over Baylys Beach as well. Then when we landed it felt like we were going to crash. My ears popped. Then the roof opened so I could get out. There was a step to get off the plane. It was so much fun.

By Ema


When I tried to get into the digger I opened the door and it was windy. The door flew back and I fell off. I fell onto the track. My teeth came out and a big chunk of gum came out too.

By Matty


In the holidays Hunter, Da, Pa and I went to Omamari. At Omamari we built a bike jump. The jump was quite high because there was a hole that you had to jump over. If you didn’t get enough speed your back tyre would go into the hole.

By Bailie


At the beginning of the year I went to the town pools for swimming sports. I raced in a freestyle race. I dived into the pool with a big splash. I was waiting to come up from the bottom of the pool. I popped up and swam as fast as I could. I had to touch the end of the pool. I came first and Hayden came second. At the end of the day I got a trophy at prize giving. I am the best eight year old boy swimmer at DPS.

By Luke