We looked closely at this piece of writing.

The Frog

With his powerful hind legs, the frog leaps high into the air like a little green rocket.

His mouth opens wide and his long tongue darts out.

He catches the dragonfly with his tongue and whips her back into his mouth.


Down he falls into the water.

Rupert Alchin


We looked at a picture of a fish catching a fish.


Here is our writing.

He pounced in the water like a speedy frog. Then crash! Bang! He caught a fish and happily walked away.



With his powerful claws waiting, he sees a fat fish. The fish jumped. The bear catches the fish and crunches it with his jaws.



The bear swiped to grab the fish then scurried away, and as he ate that fish his mouth went black.

Splash! Bang! The water went everywhere.

It splittered and splattered through the water.



The bear tumbles down to get a fish under a big wave. With his sharp teeth he eats the fish.



“Roar,” he roars, as he drops from a waterfall – his claws out and fur shaking ready to feel water and hears a splash. The bear strongly and slowly pushes his arms out in midair.

At the first sight of a salmon he holds his breath, opens his mouth.

Splash! His mouth closes and the water turns red. His feet touch water and stones.

He’d caught it.



A big hairy bear was creeping in the water. He was looking for salmon. He crept with a quiet splash splash splash! There were millions of them. He splashed the water. There was salmon everywhere.

He finally caught them. He stuffed them in his mouth. Chomp, chomp! But there were no more left.

The bear slowly walked home.

Ryan W


He leaped on the fish with his powerful legs like a flaming arrow. His claws came out. It went longer and longer. Next minute PLOP! He falls down!



The bear splashed into the water under the waves and caught a fish. It was big and fat.

The waves splashed over the top of them. SPLASH!



Woosh! A fish flowed up the waterfall. Slash! The bear hit the fish with its paw.

Crunch as the bear bit down on its head.

He tore it apart as blood dribbled down his teeth. He slowly walked towards the waterfall with blood dripping from its mouth

James H