LiamAfter Liam completed his writing the rest of the class had a go at writing about ‘nothing’. 

I open the door, the cat runs out like a lion chasing its prey and hasn’t eaten for ages.  I feel like I haven’t slept a wink.  My head is telling me to go back to bed.  But my stomach is telling me to get something to eat, now!



When my sister wakes up (or when she finally gets up I should say) she’s like a sugared up four year old at a birthday party!



I wake up to the sound of Mum screaming at my brother Caleb to get out of bed.  If you’re in my house you’ll hear that every school morning.



I got changed and zapped down the hallway.  I brushed my teeth and zipped outside.  I jumped into the car and zoomed to school.



I picked up my shiny phone, it fell flat on my face.  I fell off my bed.  I was too lazy to get up.  I noticed my phone had fallen down with me.  It was cracked.  My heart raced.  I got straight up.  I hid the phone.  I ran downstairs.



In the morning I jumped out of bed.  I made some burnt toast with hard solid butter on it.  They were like ice cold cubes.

Te Wai


I stumbled out of my brother’s bunk bed and hit my head on his wardrobe.  “Ow”, I screamed.  Mum yelled at me to stop the racket.  I grabbed my brother’s PSP.  I slid the on/off   button.  It came alive.



I woke up, I heard my brother snoring loudly.  I looked around slowly.  I stood up and fell over.  It woke Andrew up.  I stood back up and I clumsily walked to the couch.  I flopped myself onto it.  The TV sprung to life.


I woke up and tiptoed quietly down the hallway.  I opened the cupboard and pulled out a box.  I poured it into a bowl.  I could hear the cereal falling into the bottom of the bowl.  I brought out the milk and yoghurt.  I found a spoon in a draw and dunked it under the milk.  I sat on the couch and pushed the red button.



I hopped out of my bed and danced down the hallway saying “oh yeah, oh yeah”.

Mum said, “hurry up Mem.  We’re gonna be late for the Arapohue Show”.

“OK”, I said.

We jumped in the truck.  We all said, “got everything?”

Mum turned on the truck and zoomed up the driveway.



Liam was creeping like a ninja to my room. “LOL” Liam said.  Like a demon laughing.  I ran across the hall and bang!  As I ran to the door.

“Finally the kitchen:, I said, creeping to the black and grey small computer.  I pressed the grey button.  Something happened.  The computer went blue.  I clicked the dirt icon, minecraft.

Dad said, “park time”.  “No!” I said.

Ryan H


Dringg Dringg.  “Ahhh, what day is it?”

Mum yells out “hurry up Zane, it’s Monday”.

I don’t wanna get up.  It’s like I’m glued to the bed.  I finally get up.  I put my clothes on and zip down the hallway and leap in the car.



I thumped out of bed and walked like a zombie down the hall.  I found myself on the couch with my eyes squinting as if someone had squirted lemon in them.  I pressed the red button on the TV.  It went from black to colour.



I rolled out of bed.  I carefully yanked my cow printed dressing gown off the hook.  I staggered down the stairs feeling lazy.  I jumped onto the couch.

“Breakfast is ready”, Mum yells.

“Coming Mum”, I yell back.



I tiptoe out.  I slowly open my noisy door.  I chuck my long pants on and zip my t-shirt up and wander over to the cowshed.  Dad asked if I could help him.  So I grabbed the drill and mixed up the milk powder as fast as I possibly could.



I woke up.  Fell out of bed and snuck down the hall like a mouse, trying not to wake up Mum.

I pushed the red TV button, it flashed so bright, like the sun rising.

I flicked through the channels but couldn’t find one.

Dad yelled from the kitchen, “go let the dog out”.

I burst out the door in my onesies and let the dog out.



I was stumbling down the hallway, slowly falling asleep.  I finally got to my room.  It felt like I had just ran a marathon.

“Mum”, I cry, “please come and tuck me in”.

Mum yells, “ I will be there in a minute”.

By the time Mum gets there I am already sound asleep.

Max H


I roll out of bed, then splat I fall onto the floor.

I zombie walk out of my bedroom.  The door screeches like a mouse is stuck.  I push a white button and a green light appears.  I slam my body onto the rocking chair.  I reach the lever and my legs elevate up.  Mum screams get ready from her room.

Max W