What makes a D.P.S kid

A D.P.S kid is all about wearing the correct uniform.

A D.P.S kid screams during the Burma trail, even though they’re enjoying it.

Being a D.P.S kid means cheering at the top of our lungs, playing weekend sports and supporting our school.

Its all about making new friends and having fun.

A D.P.S kid means never giving up and trying your best.

A D.P.S kid is being supportive, while competing against others.

A D.P.S kid achieves their goals.

Being a D.P.S kid is going on camp to Moirs Point and talking to your friends all night.

It’s about having fun.

A D.P.S kid means being their for one another.

Being committed for jobs.

That’s what makes a D.P.S kid! 

By Olivia