One sunny morning Kerry ran to get her skateboard and rode down to get breakfast for herself and her Grandma. But when she came back grandma was on the road? When the police came they said she was going to have to live somewhere else but there was a father in the Wild West.
So Kerry packed her bags and was off with her father. She didn’t believe her eyes what she saw – the whole thing was a ranch – a horse ranch. She didn’t want to stay but she had to meet all the horses and had a great fuss over staying or not.
Then her father told her to get the eggs … when she got in there she got two eggs then the rooster jumped out and gave her a huge fright. Kerry ran back to the house and said “that rosters CRAZY?”. “No, he’s not, he’s just badly treated.”
Then it happened Kerry was going to wash her phone – she pulled the towel up and there was a snake? Kerry walked slowly back and Flicka ran for the door but the snake bit her. They put her in an empty stall and patched her up. Kerry said” that horse saved me? And so it was.
Every morning her mind would tell her ”go ride Flicka, go ride Flicka.” She would always say “yes.” Later on her father said he had to take Flicka away because she was riding her too much. It wasn’t far for Kerry so that night she sneaked out to see Flicka. When she got there she read Flicka a story called my horse. And after that she went back home and fell asleep.
In the morning she ran right past breakfast ran right to the stables to get the pony called Bango and she rid all the way too Flicka but Flicka wasn’t there? Kerry saw her in the land they didn’t own and Flicka had broken the fence. One of the bulls got in with the cows and that wasn”t good. she rode home and told her father. He got two proper horses they could ride and set off. Kerry didn’t want to go so instead of Kerry going her father and his mate went instead.
An hour later they came back with Flicka. Kerry ran to see her. She stroked her lovely coat and said” don’t ever do that again.” Flicka whinnied as to say “yes”. The next day Kerry wasn’t in her room. The ranch helpers looked everywhere but they didn’t find out where she was. She was riding into town with Flicka at full speed. And with her was her skateboard clinging on to her saddle. She rode Flicka to the skate park BUT she kind of broke it? She rode home and fixed her board before her father saw. They had to let Flicka go to the wild for a long time because she was home sick. Kerry hugged her goodbye and she ran free.
[ two years later.] Kerry was riding threw the forest and she saw a heard of wild horses and Flicka was walking right up to her with a little foal beside her. Kerry tied her horse to a tree and ran right down to Flicka. When Flicka had to go they said that she could have the foal.

The Witch’s Forest
One day Rose decided to change her mind to have a sleep at Grandma’s house.
But she was hungry and then she found a pumpkin. She fell asleep.
She got carried to her Grandma’s house and then she woke up and had a lovely dinner of baked beans.


Georges book for boys.
Chapter 1
Jacob and I are on an adventure together in the woods. We lit a fire and toasted marshmallows and ham. Then we had cookies and lemonade. We put our tent and rolled out our sleeping bags. We sat around the fire and sang some songs before we went to bed.
Chapter 2
We heard a possum eating our scraps; then it was silent I put a marshmallow on a stick. I put it out for 20 sec then pulled it in to see what had happened – it was chewed to a little marshmallow and it was silent enough to go to sleep.
Chapter 3
There was no noise there afterwards.

We had to stalk a deer for breakfast because we love meat.
Then we grilled it and cut it to chunks so we could eat it easily.
But a bird zoomed down and got a piece of my meat. So it can feed its babies in the tree next to our tent.
I climbed up the tree to look at the babies. When I got up to the top the babies looked like guinea pigs.

Oh no! I felt sick! On Tuesday when I was sick I did some barbie puzzles and princess colouring in books. I walked to bed. After that I woke up just before the bus got there.

My mum and dad work at the hospital. I feel like I am part of the hospital. Cora, Thomas and Jonathan are part of the hospital too. We get free swims in the hospital pool. It feels great to have a dip when it is hot.

I went to the dairy. I got an ice cream.
Mine was goody goody gumdrops. My dad went with me.


Damein Wednesday 26 March
The stunning storm
On Saturday there was a smashing storm. The wind twirled around making my roof creak. The hilarious thing was I got a big purple balloon and I walked outside and let the balloon go. It fluttered away like a bird. I was so down because it was my favourite balloon and I couldn’t go outside.