His eyes were wide open, staring at the scary shadows on his wall. He was listening very carefully. He was so scared that he pulled his covers up, and his knees were up to nearly his face. He was shivering so much. There was one shadow that looked like a shark and it got closer and closer – it looked scary! He heard his mum screaming. Then he was terrified.

Then he knew what it was. It was two whiteboard cleaners and his mum was screaming because of an argument.


His eyes were raised high and wide. His ears were listening – what could it be? It was a ghost by his door. He was terrified. He couldn’t imagine it. He called his mum but his mum did not answer. He called his dad but he did not answer?He was very worried that the ghost had got them. 

BUT the ghost did not move. SUDDENLY the door burst open and his mum and dad were standing right there and he turned the light on and he said, “There’s a ghost by the door – look!”

But it was only his dressing gown so he wasn’t scared any more and went to sleep.

And the next night …


His hair poofed up. His eyes were surprised. He pulled his blanket up to his mouth. He pulled his knees up. He was listening to the noises outside.The curtains swayed from side to side. they looked a lot like ghosts. the wind blew hard.He saw something in the tree. It had a long tail and two bright eyes.



When he was asleep he heard a noise. He was terrified – so terrified that his eyes were wide and he pulled the blanket to his chin.He had seen a shadow but he recognised that it was his shadow and he wasn’t terrified any more.He went back to sleep and he lived happily ever after.

Te Manawa

Bright eyes. Big ears. Afraid. Scared. Sad? Worried, terrified.A GHOST!