We read a shared book called “It Came to Tea”. Then we created our own crayon and dye monsters. We described our monsters to a friend. We wrote about our monsters. We are learning to use interesting words and details – to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.


I heard a sound. I hid under my bed. I was scared. I tried to be quiet. I wanted mum and dad that night. That scary monster got closer and closer. It made me more and more scared until “RA!” the monster growled. Mum turned on the light and it was all a dream. We all laughed and I laughed so much because it was all a dream. But when I woke up I saw a little monster was in my bed. That’s probably why I had a bad dream. But it was my toy monster and I never had bad dreams again.



A big hairy monster ate my dinner.



I am a monster. I am going home.



My monster eats chocolate cake and it eats hot chocolate. My monster has hairy knees and my monster has a hairy tummy and my monster has furry hands.

Sam G


What colour is it? It is green. At bedtime the light went on. Something came and it woke me up. I saw something.  The monster growled at me. I didn’t like it growling. It stared at me and then it cuddled me. Caitlyn  


The monster is eating my food and it is going home and I have no food. I want my food. The monster is hairy and it is fluffy and it is fat. It has spiky feet and its ears are like a butterfly.

Sam M  


His nose looks like a strawberry nose and his knees are hairy. His ears are like a butterfly’s wings.



There was a funny shape. Then I opened the door for the monster. The monster had googly eyes and a fuzzy tummy and spiky knees. It had little hairs on the top of his head. Then we ate dinner with monster. Taylor  


I heard stomping when I was asleep. There was a monster. It took my house and ate it. I jumped out of the window.



I saw a monster in my room and I was afraid and I cried “Mum!”



When I woke up a great big noisy monster came and ate all our food.  It went away and then it kept going from house to house.



Monster Pim loves meat and mats. Monster Pim loves things.