I rode my bike. It was fun but I suddenly crashed my bike. I fell off my bike. I was brave but I cried, because my bike was broken. But Dad fixed my bike.  I rode my bike again and I did not break my bike, and I did not fall off my bike.










My dog, Honey, almost ate a duckling. We were just in time to see the baby ducking. It went right into the prickles. Then we had to go down in the prickles in our pyjamas.

We split up. Mum went over two fences, and I went over one fence. Paula went over zero fences when the baby duckling scooted into the prickles.

After that mum found the baby duckling over the two fences, and it was by the road. Mum had to put the baby duckling in her jumper, and after that she had to go home along the road. We found a box to put the duckling in. It was perfect. My mum and my brother and my sister went over to the pond next door. They found where it was supposed to be. It was over at that pond.











I liked my birthday. It was amazing. I got a little dog. It is full of lollipops.










On Friday afternoon we were going to Auntie Tracey’s and we played on the tractor. We had dinner with them.

In the morning we went to Joss’s house. We went to see Joss and Grayson because Joss got born.










I skidded and crashed and I scraped my knee. I went home and I went back to my friends.

Sam M









The fireworks are exciting and I am going to bed.










I am at the shop. I had fun at the beach. I had fun at the shed.










I went on the playground. I fell off the pole. Then I hurt my head. It stung very badly. Then I told the duty teacher. After that the bell rang.










When I went to my cousin’s house and my sister’s house it was so, so fantastic there. But! My cousin was annoying me so much, and my sister was not annoying.










I went to someone’s house and we saw some fireworks. There was some food and we had lots of fireworks.

There was some chocolate cake and there was some banana cake and it had some sprinkles on the cake.

Sam G










I was scooting along on my scooter and I fell off. I cried and it hurt.










I went to the skate park to skate on the bowl with my brother.












I am watching the kids dancing.












I went to the hospital to see Daddy.









I rode up the hill and I saw a pretty flower.










My family came with me to see the fireworks. We watched the fireworks. They looked like flowers.