Kids often say things that make us smile.  Here are some examples…

Teacher:  I have 4 marbles and I get 5 more.  How many do I have altogether?

T:  9

Teacher:  How do you know it is 9?

T:  My brain goes beepy, boppy and that means 9.


We are on the field and it starts raining.

Z:  “I know why it’s raining.

Teacher: Why is it raining Z?

Z:  Cause something is crying, it’s tears.  It’s a giant. 

Has to be big, something big.

Teacher has new glasses.

T:  Are you blind?

Teacher:  No, they help me to see far away.

C:  Can you see my bones?

Teacher:  What is Labour Day?

Children:  It’s to do with having children.


Teacher has a plaster on her arm.

E:  What happened?

Teacher:  I had a blood test.

R:  Did you pass?