This term Room 8 have been making papier mache birds.  

  1. First we screwed up newspaper and made it into the shape of a body and a head.
  2. Then we taped the two together and added a beak and a tail.
  3. We then covered our birds in about 3 or 4 layers of papier mache (newspaper and paste).
  4. Our last layer was white paper.
  5. Then we covered our birds with coloured tissue paper.
  6. Lastly we added eyes.
DSCN0759 DSCN0757
DSCN0750 DSCN0745
DSCN0749 DSCN0748
DSCN0747 DSCN0746
DSCN0744 DSCN0743
DSCN0742 DSCN0741
DSCN0754 DSCN0751