The farm was usual enough; it had

A shed, calves, cows, dams

To swim in, and even a sheep

To pat. My workers, my Mum and I

Did what farmers do  – fed

Calves, shifted 336 cows, tagged calves with

Dad, helped do morning tea, collected baby

Calves, shifted calves to the shed

Doing nothing important

By Brooke


The house was usual enough; it had

A living room, a bed room, a kitchen, a shed

Out back, and even a big backyard

To play in. My brothers, my cousins and I

Did what families do – built

Huts, played board games, watched

TV, played Xbox, played long games of

PS2, went outside to have wrestling

Fights, played rugby

Doing nothing important.

By Ryan 


The town was usual enough; it had

A lake, water, a small train ride, sand

Under water, and even a small volcano

I never swam by. My family, friends and I

Did what families do – played lots of

Cricket, swam in the dark water, rode on our

Bikes, watched lots of TV, did

Puzzles, wrestled Eva

Doing nothing important.

By Theo